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Music is my Soul 

My story is a love story that started in my teens with a music-filled home. Each room had a different vibration and it was soul that resonated with me. At our house parties, I was the music selector and quickly learned how different songs could create different energy and set the right mood at the right moment. 

Growing up, I tapped into my emotional & creative gifts vs academics and started DJ'ing in London in 1992. 

Three decades later, it's safe to say that music is my life & soul, but it's become bigger than me now and has become a whole new journey.

But as with most love stories, there's ups & down and the past 7 years have proved very challenging and I almost gave up DJ'ing all together but with encouragement of my loved ones, I woke up one morning ready to dive into the world of podcasting, then the Covid pandemic hit which presented new challenges for live entertainers like myself but my podcast seemed to hit a sweet spot for my listeners and I began to see record numbers of people pressing play each week. 

It's curious that my first DJ name was DJ Priest. I'm not sure why I chose this name at that time but many years later I met a famous prophet who predicted that I would become a pastor. Knowing very little about the bible or church at that time, I thought the prophet was delusional but when I really take a look at what I do each week, I see that my role is to bring love, hope and inspiration into peoples lives. By opening up my life to listeners and by sharing my joys & my pain, I have an opportunity to connect with people on an emotional level just as pastors do.

I feel honored to have such loyal family, friends & fans. Thanks for joining me on this journey.          


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